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Photoshoots Uploaded

Hey all! I’ve finally got around to sorting most of Kiefer’s photoshoots that I had saved on my computer. There are a few more that I know of that I still am trying to find in high quality, or at least medium quality, so those will be added later once I can find some good quality pics 🙂

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2008 Public Appearances

I’ve added all of Kiefer’s event photos from 2008. More previous years coming soon!

Dark City (1998) Movie Captures & Stills

I’ve added a movie poster, some stills and screen captures from Kiefer’s 1998 movie, Dark City. Hope y’all enjoy!

2009-2013 Public Appearances Added

I’ve added all of Kiefer’s event photos dating back to 2009. Will continue to add more over the next few days!

Welcome to Kiefer Sutherland Network

Thanks for visiting Kiefer Sutherland Network! I am currently in the process of getting the site updated with info and gallery photos. Please check back soon!