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On Set of 24: Live Another Day (March 9)

Touch Season 1 Captures Finished

The rest of Kiefer’s caps from season 1 of Touch has been uploaded to the gallery. Season 2 will be next, then I will continue on his movie projects and starting on some captures of 24.

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Touch Episode Captures Added (1×01, 1×02, 1×03)

I’ve got the entire series of Touch capped on my computer, but I have finally gotten around to sorting out Kiefer’s pics and adding them to the site! Will be adding a few episodes each day until it’s finished!

“Pompeii” Movie Review #1

(edited for spoilers)

A love story. Gladiator fights. Politics. An exploding volcano. Kiefer Sutherland as a Roman Senator.

“Pompeii” is an entertaining B movie. The visual effects technology available can take a B movie like “Pompeii” and make it look bigger and better than it would have years ago. “Pompeii” benefits greatly from that, taking a middling script where you can guess what’s coming next or what’s going to be said and make it look fantastic and immersive (the movie is released in 2D and 3D formats). After watching it in 2D I felt the movie would have been more fun in 3D.

“Pompeii” is the latest from director Paul W.S. Anderson, a love story about two people form the wrong side of the tracks set against the backdrop of a terrible event in history where a city of 20,000 people were destroyed (and lost for 1500 years) after the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. As a filmmaker, Anderson has a long career making visually interesting movies that are sometimes thin on substance.

As “Pompeii” unfolds there are moments where the earth shakes, the structures creaking and cracking. Characters watch it curiously, scared and confused. For the audience it’s mildly amusing, knowing what this is leading up to. It’s all part of the entertainment, not much different than the spectacle of the gladiator fights.

There’s little new in “Pompeii,” we’ve seen this story and its scenes before (“Conan the Barbarian,” “Titanic,” “Gladiator”). That isn’t the problem. It’s mostly the plain, wooden dialogue that as basic as basic comes (“Wake up, scum!”) and sometimes silly (“That’s the mountain, she grumbles sometimes”).

In the end “Pompeii” works as Saturday afternoon entertainment. It’s not groundbreaking or original, its just fun. Watching Anderson’s work over the years it’s clear he loves making movies and how it becomes part of pop culture. As someone who’s watched his movies and groaned more than once, I enjoyed “Pompeii.” It’s honest about what it is.

Read the rest of the review here.

Pompeii (2014) Movie Stills Updated

We only had one movie still for awhile, but now more have been released, and they’ve been added to the gallery! Who’s checked out Pompeii in theaters this weekend? I’m going this afternoon with my hubby and a few friends. Can’t wait!

24 Could Return After Live Another Day

24: Live Another Day could be the first of many new adventures for Jack Bauer.

Kiefer Sutherland’s rogue operative could feature in another limited series or a spinoff film if “there’s more story to be told”, exec producer Howard Gordon told IGN.

“I think [the series could continue] if it’s successful, if the audience is into it and we feel like there’s more story to be told,” Gordon said.

“But the four-year hiatus since we went off [the air] has really taught us how special this show is – certainly to us, having done it.”

The 12-part limited series Live Another Day is currently shooting in London, with Mary Lynn Rajskub reprising her role of Chloe O’Brian opposite Sutherland.

Gordon hinted that O’Brian now resembles “a cross between Lisbeth Salander and Edward Snowden” and also revealed new details about the character played by Yvonne Strahovski.

“She’s a CIA agent whose husband – a fellow CIA agent – is a traitor and was caught selling secrets,” he explained.

“She has been stained by his sin… so she’s a character who’s in need of redemption herself, and she’s very good at what she does. She essentially becomes the Tommy Lee Jones to Jack’s Harrison Ford.”

24: Live Another Day will air on Fox in the US and on Sky1 in the UK from May.

Source: Digital Spy

EW Preivew of 24: Live Another Day

Here’s a non–news flash: Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) is about to have another lousy day. This time the 24 clock will be ticking in the United Kingdom, where political unrest propels America’s favorite absentee antihero into action. (Fox’s 12-episode season won’t document every single hour of the day.) Naturally he’s going to need his requisite wing (wo)man, Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub). Just don’t expect the same eye-rolling smart aleck we loved for eight seasons. After Jack supposedly went off the grid in the 2010 finale, Chloe ended up joining a WikiLeaks-type organization in London. “I’m more hardened,” Rajskub tells EW. (William Devane and Kim Raver will also reprise their roles for 24: Live Another Day, premiering May 5 at 8 p.m.) “I’ve seen more of the world. When you pick up with me, I’ve completely turned against the government.” So that explains the moody makeover? “It’s a very dark, very damaged look,” explains Rajskub. “It’s a bit of an FU to the world.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Kiefer on Live! with Kelly and Michael

Kiefer Describes Playing Role of Metal Gear Solid’s Snake

You know, I’ve got, like, 50 metal dots on my face, 50 cameras recording my every facial movement. The process and the technology and what I have to go through just to do a line, and what the engineers and technicians have to do, it’s unbelievable. But then when I saw it… There was a guy who was applying the dots and was just in charge of that part, and he was making his own game; he’s some technical wizard, and this game is supposed to be really cool.

He then described what he’s seen of the game so far:

But they were showing us some stuff that they had just finished in Japan, and they were showing it back to us. It was this one little clip that’s final, final, final, and it’s me on a horse. I’m riding the horse, and then I go from a run to a lope to a walk, and then standing still. I don’t know a lot about games, so I’m watching it, and the guy who’s watching it with me goes, ‘Oh my God. Your ears moved.’ Then he was looking at the throat, and he said, ‘You can see the pulse.’ I mean, it was so real, and all I kept thinking was, ‘This is how they’re going to make movies soon.’ They’re halfway there now, you know, but they’re going to make films like this. This is not far off.

Read the rest of the article here.

Kiefer Sutherland on Today Show (Photos)

I’ve added some high quality photos to the gallery from Kiefer’s appearance on the Today Show earlier today. Hope y’all enjoy!