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Young Guns (1988) Movie Captures, Stills & Poster

Touch Season 1 Captures Finished

The rest of Kiefer’s caps from season 1 of Touch has been uploaded to the gallery. Season 2 will be next, then I will continue on his movie projects and starting on some captures of 24.

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Touch Episode Captures Added (1×01, 1×02, 1×03)

I’ve got the entire series of Touch capped on my computer, but I have finally gotten around to sorting out Kiefer’s pics and adding them to the site! Will be adding a few episodes each day until it’s finished!

Dark City (1998) Movie Captures & Stills

I’ve added a movie poster, some stills and screen captures from Kiefer’s 1998 movie, Dark City. Hope y’all enjoy!

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