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Forsaken (2015) BluRay Captures, Stills & More!

I’ve updated the gallery with BluRay screen captures from the movie Forsaken, which Kiefer worked with his father on. I’ve also added some movie stills, promotional image and behind the scenes photos. Hope everyone enjoys!

Desert Saints (2002) Movie Captures, Stills & Promotional Images Added

Stand By Me (1986) Movie Captures & Stills Added

I had done the captures for this movie a couple weeks ago, and somehow forgot to actually add them to the gallery! Well, they’ve been added now, as well as some high quality movie stills! I also recently got the movie on BluRay, so at some point I will replace the DVD screen captures with HD 🙂

Young Guns II (1990) Movie Captures, Stills & Poster

Young Guns (1988) Movie Captures, Stills & Poster

Dark City (1998) Movie Captures & Stills

I’ve added a movie poster, some stills and screen captures from Kiefer’s 1998 movie, Dark City. Hope y’all enjoy!