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Designated Survivor Season 4?

It’s been a month and few days Designated Survivor Season 3 was streamed on Netflix and now Season 4’s demand is rising high. The show stars Adan Canto, Natascha McElhone and Kiefer Sutherland as Aaron Shore (the Vice President of the United States), Alex Kirkman (the First Lady of the US) and Tom Kirkman (the US President) respectively. Tom Kirkman becomes the Head of the State after a bomb attack took place at Capitol building, which killed the entire government. He is re-elected for a second term at the end of Season 3.

Fans now want to know when Designated Survivor Season 4 will return on Netflix. The streaming platform has not officially confirmed. Some believe that Netflix can make the official confirmation this month. What’s on Netflix during the end of June that the fourth season of the American political thriller drama television series can hit the streaming platform in mid-2020. There is an absolute hope that the fourth season will be renewed soon as the numbers and figures on the rating sites are good. It received 8 in IMDb’s most popular list weeks after Season 3 was released. Even its social media remains active, which is also a good sign of its renewal.


3 comments on “Designated Survivor Season 4?”

  1. Jim Blake says:

    Excellent program! However would be much improved if truthful reason given as to why R’s are opposed to some of the many government programs. Series assumes all government programs work, however upon a cost benefits analysis they do not. R’s are opposed to spending taxpayer dollars on those that do not work. With national debt being what it is many should be eliminated to avoid bankruptcy of country. Also truth should be given why R’s oppose certain gun control measures “ie” most gun control affects the law abiding while the criminal will obtain their guns illegally by theft or manufacture themselves. Truth of both parties positions would improve the program very much.

  2. Vicky says:

    Yes but please leave Italia Ricci out. She plays too dramática and try to be sexy Results looks egomaniac. Better han nacido wells did not died on that scene. She is so great Maggie Q

  3. Linda says:

    Season 1 & 2 we’re good. Season 3 was an atrocity. Packed full of agendas. It had been so nice watching the first 2 seasons. No foul language, no hook ups. Then came season 3. Foul mouths everywhere. Sex scenes for no real reason. Just to add shock and disgust. Miserable writing, got rid of characters without explanation, use of foul language for no other reason than to use it. Sorely disappointed. Glad there is no fourth season!!

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