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First Look at “Forsaken” (Video)

Donald Sutherland shares the screen with his son Kiefer for the first time in the upcoming western, Forsaken, and ET has a behind-the-scenes first look.

“The most profound gift that I got from this experience was I realized that we spent nine weeks together, at least 14 hours a day, focused on building something together,” Kiefer said. “That ended up being the most special gift.”

The drama takes place in 1872 when gunfighter John Henry Clayton (Kiefer) retires and returns to his hometown of Fowler, Wyoming, hoping to repair his relationship with his estranged father, Reverend Clayton (Donald). Their bond is once again put in jeopardy when a gang begins terrorizing the local ranchers who refuse to sell their land to the railroad company that wants to build there. John Henry knows he’s the only one capable of fighting off the gang, but his father forbids him from returning to a life of violence.

Despite being an Emmy and Golden Globe winner, Kiefer admitted to having concerns about playing opposite his legendary father.

“The nervousness that I was dealing with was really more out of respect for him and not wanting to let him down,” Kiefer said. “Oddly enough when we started to work, that dissipated very quickly, and our processes are not very different, which was kind of cool to see. I think we worked really well together.”

Donald concurred, saying, “He’s a wonderful actor. He’s just a very positive, creative force in the production of this. It was great.”

The energy from the family reunion wasn’t lost on the rest of the cast. Co-star Demi Moore, who previously worked with Kiefer in A Few Good Men and Donald in Disclosure, was drawn to the concept of the men playing father and son onscreen.

“I was aware that they had never worked together before, so as I read the story between a father and son, I felt quite captivated by the personal and professional opportunity that it brought,” Demi said.

Check out Forsaken in theaters and on VOD Feb. 19.

Source: Entertainment Tonight Online


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  1. Lois says:

    Watched Forsaken, and it was great. At last a good western

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