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New comic book series brings fans up to speed on Jack Bauer before 24: Live Another Day

Four years will have passed when we catch up with Jack Bauer in 24: Live Another Day and given what can happen in 24 mere hours, we’re in dire need of an update on our agent-turned-fugitive’s comings and goings.

But while we’re used to seeing Jack realised on our screens by actor Kiefer Sutherland, our much-needed recap is to come in the form of a comic book series titled 24: Underground and published by IDW Publishing.

Acting as a prequel to Live Another Day, the collection of comics will pick up where the final series of the television show left off back in 2010. Debuting next month, it promises to offer fans a detailed look at the events leading up to Live Another Day.

Behind the new project are writer Ed Brisson and former Alias and Manhunter artist, Michael Gaydos. “Ed burst onto the comics scene with the sci-fi thriller Comeback, which was heavy on plot and adventure, a style that fits nicely with an established property such as 24,” said series editor Denton J. Tipton.

“We’ve paired the rising star with veteran artist Michael Gaydos whose draftsmanship and storytelling skills are second to none. Buckle up for a high-octane tale of Jack Bauer’s missing years!”

Now, while he’s famous for his brooding presence on screen, this is not the first time Jack Bauer has appeared in print… At the height of the television show’s’ success, IDW began producing comics with 24: One Shot, a 48-page graphic novella, first appearing in 2004.

Speaking of the resurrected series, IDW president Greg Goldstein said, “24 was one of IDW’s earliest successes with licensed comics and the show’s stature has grown immensely since then. Returning to the world of 24 in comics, in conjunction with this highly anticipated return to TV, makes perfect sense.”

Written by David Fury (Lost) and Howard Gordon (Homeland), Live Another Day is set and shot entirely in London and will centre around a major terrorist threat to the President of the United States. The 12-part series will mark the first time Bauer has been seen on our screens since the show ended back in 2010 after eight nail-biting series. First airing in the States on May 5, Live Another Day will come to the UK on Sky1 shortly afterwards. Take a look at the trailer below…



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