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Kiefer: “I’ve never watched an episode of 24, but I know how it goes”

I’S one of the most popular television dramas of the past decade, yet the star of 24 has never actually watched one single episode of it.

Kiefer Sutherland – who plays CTU agent Jack Bauer – has admitted to never sitting down and tuning in to the hit series because he fears he will “rip it apart”.

Speaking during his appearance on ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’, the father-of-two revealed that the last film he watched of his was cult Eighties movie ‘Stand By Me’ which also stars River Phoenix and Corey Feldman.

“I had a girlfriend at the time and we went to the cast and crew screening and I had a very specific idea of what I wanted to do with the character,” Kiefer explained.

“I was standing there, we watched the movie and everything I thought I wanted to do, I hadn’t done at all. All I saw was myself up there and I was mortified and my girlfriend was saying, ‘I thought it was really great.’ I said, ‘Don’t patronise me. I need to get another job. If I don’t get another job and this comes out I’m dead and my career is over.’

He continued: “It was really lucky for me because there was another film that I didn’t want to do that I took because of that, which was Lost Boys, so clearly I am not the person to watch my own work.

“For me it’s always served me better as an actor to let other people tell me what they thought of it, than for me to kind of rip it apart, which is what I would naturally do.”

Fans of 24 will find ir hard to believe that Kiefer has never seen himself as Jack, and even when Jonathan joked about channel hopping if he accidentally did, Kiefer said: “I haven’t watched an episode of 24, no. But I know how it goes, I have read the script.”

The 47-year-old actor is currently filming the ninth series of ’24’ in the Capital, which he said isvery relevant to the show and it’s past success.

“It’s a pleasure to come and do this twelve episode thing in London. Specifically because 24 actually came out in the States at the same time as it did in England and the response in England was immediate,” he explained.

“It took a little while to gain momentum in the States and I think one of the reasons we were allowed to stay on the air until it caught on was because of the response here, so it’s only fitting that we get to do this last season here.”

Although Jonathan was keen for Kiefer to give at least one tiny detail away about ’24: Live Another Day’, the actor was careful not to hand out any clues.

“It’s a terrorist threat,” he said. “I can’t go into it at length but some of the characters that are more familiar to the audience that are coming back, their relationships in these last four years have dynamically changed as well, so it will be very fresh because it feels very fresh to do it right now. At the root of it, he’s (Jack) going to have a sh***y day.”

The full interview with Kiefer Sutherland can be seen on ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’ on Saturday February 8 at 9.55pm on ITV1.



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