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’24: Live Another Day’ Wins The Super Bowl With Its Debut Teaser

When it comes to Super Bowl ads, there are few things that can top the monster of blockbuster films. Often, these clips are the first chance anyone has to see footage from their favorite upcoming tentpole. This fact is what makes the winner of last night’s pile so surprising.

Besides a few title cards during some of its primetime shows, FOX has made little effort to market the fact that 24 is returning to the small screen. That is, until last night. In what was arguably the most well executed trailer of the game, audiences were given their first look at one of television’s most famous heroes, and his most famous partner in crime (who rocked her new look quite well).

But it wasn’t good enough for FOX to simply air the excellent spot for 24: Live Another Day. They also had to tease the trailer throughout the big game with four 15-second clips that all ended with the famous ticking sound of the series’ clock. Much like the upcoming mini-series itself, these clips turned a simple teaser into an event audiences didn’t know they were waiting to see. By the time the actual trailer aired (towards the end of what was a rather lack-luster game), viewers – outside of Seattle – suddenly had a reason to cheer.

In a matter of moments, audiences learned 24 is coming back, that it’s returning in an atypical event due to its detailed title, that it’s set in London and that Chloe is still around. If FOX was looking to turn 24 into the event television it once was, they certainly succeeded last night.

FOX has blow open the doors on their marketing campaign for 24: Live Another Day, and they did it with a method we see used far too rarely these days… surprise. No one knew this trailer was coming. In fact, few people outside of hardcore fandom were even aware the show was making a comeback. But now, 24: Live Another Day is national news. This is proved no greater than by the fact that the trailer (at the time of writing this article) already has thousands of hits on FOX’s YouTube page.

Utilizing the less-is-more style of its basic cable sister, FX, FOX made us care about Jack Bauer again. No longer is he stuck in the world of development hell that is feature films. 24: Live Another Day is real, and it’s coming… soon.


24: Live Another Day Super Bowl Preview

If you missed the promo that aired during the Super Bowl tonight, here it is! FOX decided to tempt us the whole game with little 10-15 second clips, and then finally put them all together for this final teaser. You can view the separate clips here if you want.

24: Live Another Day Promos To Air During Super Bowl

If you’re not into watching the Super Bowl for the game, the epic commercials, or the half-time show, then at least tune in for the new “24: Live Another Day” promos.

Fox’s reboot of the Kiefer Sutherland real-time drama “24” will find Jack Bauer racing against time in London over 12 episodes. The miniseries event may not make its premiere until May 5, but fans will get multiple sneak peeks of “24: Live Another Day” during Sunday night’s game. According to Variety, a series of 10-second promo spots will play throughout the evening, leading up to what Fox calls a “show-stopping” 45-second first look.

Hopefully the televised reunion of Sutherland’s Jack and Mary Lynn Rajskub’s Chloe O’Brian will quench your “24” appetites for a few months.

The Super Bowl XLVII airs Sunday, Feb. 2 at 6:30 p.m. EST on Fox.


Make sure to tune in to see the first promos for 24: Live Another Day!!!!!!


National Television Awards (London) Photos

With many thanks to Ray, I was able to finally add some pictures of Kiefer from the National Television Awards held in London last week, where they are currently filming 24: Live Another Day. Hope you guys enjoy the photos!

On Set of 24: Live Another Day!

I am not a fan of candid/paparazzi photos of celebrities, however, I will add photos of Kiefer taken while he’s on set, whether it be a movie or a TV show. I’ve added over 50 high quality photos of Kiefer from yesterday filming 24: Live Another Day in London! A huge thanks to Laura for the photos 🙂 I hope you all enjoy and be sure to check back for more set photos as they continue shooting! I for one cannot wait until Jack Bauer is on my TV again!

Kiefer Sutherland, Will Wait You Out

Kiefer Sutherland may have tabled his mission to bring 24 to the big screen, but he’s never, ever going to give it up for good. “I stopped pushing for that,” he told me over bar snacks last week in Pasadena, where the actor had come to promote Fox’s upcoming series resurrection of relentlessly sleep-deprived federal agent Jack Bauer. “I just got so tired of saying it was going to happen because someone told me it was going to happen — and then I’d find out that they had no intention of doing it.” But as he prepared to fly to London to begin production on 24: Live Another Day, the twelve-episode season that arrives May 5, he sounded pretty bummed discussing the aborted film when Vulture brought up the subject. “It’s not like it’s my property,” Sutherland continued slowly. “I can’t go, ‘Okay, fine. You don’t want to make it? I’ll go to Universal. They’ll make it.’ It’s kind of locked where it is.” The 47-year-old actor exhaled again and looked out the window, and then he smiled. “But people come and go,” he said, “I can wait it out. It can always happen.”

While he waits patiently for naysaying movie execs to rise and fall, Sutherland will have to settle for Jack merely returning to TV after a four-year break. Not that he’s been in need of work: Since the show wrapped in 2010, Sutherland has done lots of high-profile stuff, including Lars von Trier’s Melancholia, Fox’s Touch, Broadway’s The Championship Season, and the Kit Harrington gladiator drama Pompei (out next month). But his love for his tortured and torturing alter ego runs deep. “It’s almost mystical the way he loves and understands the character,” 24 executive producer Howard Gordon told me later, confirming what Sutherland had seen as a call to action when Gordon asked if he wanted to do more counterterrorizing. Said Sutherland: “It was a five-minute conversation to end the show — Howard was exhausted, and I wasn’t doing it without him — and it was a five-minute conversation to bring it back.”

I asked Sutherland if he remembers the beginning of the show, how much smaller the stakes were then, and if it was possible to get back to something like that. During that first day, Jack was fighting bureaucracy and hiding an affair; eight seasons later, he’s tractor-flipping his enemies and breaking the necks of others between his legs. Not everyone was a fan of those final seasons where the action had been ratcheted up so high that most of it was implausible. Sutherland laughed, because he’s been working out for the past five months to avoid coming back as “Old Jack Bauer.” “As one gets older, you start to panic about these things,” he said. But to the point, he said, he does remember those early seasons quite fondly.

“Remember that episode in the first season when Jack was held up in that little construction shack because he can’t get outside? The whole episode, he’s in there. It was awesome,” he recalled. “Later on, Howard and I used to sit and drink and go, ‘I remember when it was small, man. When we were doing the drama, the stuff that made people feel.’ We’d lament over that, and by the end of it, we’d be like, ‘So, we’re gonna blow up that family, right?’ ‘Yeah. Probably. I can’t think of anything else to do.’ It made me laugh.”

“But just because we’re starting out big this time, it doesn’t mean that it can’t descend into something really intimate and heavy,” Sutherland continued. “The desire, especially this time, is to get back to that very personal first season.”


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